Propagating African violets

A few months back someone gave me a large, healthy African violet. I noticed some smaller babies within the pot, and started wondering about propagation. The instructions I came across on the web couldn’t be simpler: cut a healthy leaf with plenty of stem, preferably one towards the center of the plant.  Stick it in a pot of dirt, provide light and water, and wait.

So I cut 4 healthy leaves, and placed each in a Feetpot. For quite awhile nothing happened. The leaves continued to look green and healthy, they obviously weren’t dead, but no sign of a new plant. Finally, after about a month, I noticed a little disturbance on the soil surface in one of the pots. Sure enough, over a few days, a tiny leaf began to emerge in each of the pots. In another month, each pot had a small plant well underway. A couple more months, and finally a flower, more flowers, and then an explosion of blossoms!


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